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best kids salon Alpha is the best salon for kids and children, as a result we are the first hairdressers and since its a pelucheria for adults and for natural hair and its the best luxury kids salon e spa. its the best children salon barbershop https://go.booker.com/location/AlphaKss

children salon and kids salons are on the rise but at alpha we are the best luxury salon for familys therfore alpha is the best kid salon and children salon and barbershop for kids

  • Alpha, the first letter in the Greek Alphabet, means the beginning!
    Let’s start your child’s new journey today.
  • Alpha Salon is the first ever Family salon focused on creating a seamless and entertaining experience in a luxurious setting with trained hairstylists and a curated customer care.
  • This excitingly kid-centric salon and spa concept is sure to please both parents and children from all walks of life.
  • What are you waiting for?
    Visit us today and let your little-loved ones be spoiled, while you enjoy stress free Alpha time in our parents lounge.
  • Or JOIN them for an incredible bonding experience.


  • At Alpha Salon & Spa your child's needs are our top priority.
    We only use Top Certified Organic, Chemical and Cruelty free products (Onesta Haircare) for each service.
  • Alpha's stylists are trained to use different techniques, and are highly skilled to handle all hair types in order to achieve the perfect hair style!
  • We tailor each service to each child and ensure they feel comfortable all the times.
    Our stylists take the time needed and use quieter techniques until the child gets used to the environment using iPads as a tool and allowing the child to take breaks in between sessions.
  • Our Priority is to make sure that both, parent and child have the best possible experience.
  • Alpha is very proud to announce that we now offer services to ADULTS and NATURAL HAIR.


Boys/Men Haircut & Style

Girls/Woman Haircut & Blow-Dry


First Cut Experience

Daddy&Me / Mommy&Me

children spa


Manicure & Pedicure

Nails Polish

Nail Art

Make Up

Lets celebrate together!

Call your friends 

and lets meet at Alpha

for a bespoke party 



Natural Hair
  • ALPHA GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the result of your service, please visit us again within 10 days and we will fix it for FREE.



  • This is the story of Alpha, born for a necessity of our family.
    We moved from Italy to Miami in the early 2015. At that time, our first son was 10 month old and still in the phase where out of the daily routine situations were making him uncomfortable.
    We decided to give him a haircut.
  • We tried a normal salon, but it was a disaster.
    Too much noise & smell, off-size chairs and uncomfortable capes.
    So many tears and too much stress for us as parents, just for a haircut!!
  • We decided to search for a kids salon and sadly we only found a few.
    We thought maybe it was worth his smile and a better haircut, but after testing almost all the kids salons available, what we mostly found was NO CONSISTENCY & DIRTY environments.
  • After a year of this drama, just for a haircut every month we decided it was time for Brickell to have a proper service for Kids and their parents.



ZOE - HairStylist Manager

My name is Zoe.
I am from Toronto, now styling in Miami.
My greatest joy is making clients feel fabulous about themselves when they leave my chair! Through out my career i have worked with both adults and children! I am versed in styling many different textures of hair, being from a melting pot like Canada!
I cut, style, blow dry, braid and work with all types of extensions!

PRO: Men, Boys, Curly Hair, Braids & Natural Hair

Wed to Sun, 11AM - 7PM


JOCELYN - Hairstylist

My name is Jocelyn.
I've always had a passion for hair, makeup, nails.
Since I was probably 10 I would practice hair do's and make up on my dolls.
I love everything about my career, making people feel confident about their appearance.
I love kids so much and I'm so happy to have the chance to work with them.

PRO: Men, Boys, Long Layers, Babys, Braids

Wed to Sun, 11AM - 5PM


ROXANA - Hairstylist

My name is Roxana.
I've been a cosmetology for more than 5 years.
The best thing about my job is making people fell and look their absolute best!
It's Been such an awarding career choice in getting to learn about my clients and meeting their needs.

PRO: Men & Boys Fades, Braids

Fri & Sat, 11AM - 7PM

JUSTIN - Master Barber

My name is Justin.
I am originally from New Jersey.
I have been working in the industry for over 15 years. Over the years I have worked with Men, Women, Boys and Girls of all different hair types, textures and styles.
I really enjoy working with the children.
I try to have fun and make the experience something that they begin to look forward to.

PRO: Boys & Men Cut

Sundays 11AM - 7PM



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